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This past year has been a focus on creativity for Rene and I. With the successful roll out of Fun Size Horror and the various personal, friend and professional projects we’ve been working on we’ve been able to get back to doing the kinds of things that we not only enjoy but the kinds of things that energize us and that ends up spilling over into other aspects of our lives.

Today’s fun video is not new, it’s a couple months old and comes from the folks that do Bad Lip Reading on YouTube. It’s a song that was part of their Walking (and Talking) Dead series. I stumbled onto it again recently through a flurry of Facebook posts. The song is funny and if you’re a Walking Dead fan then it is even better, but what I find remarkable is that I really like the song, like, a lot. Sure most of the lyrics are silly, but it took a lot of talent and skill to get this together.  And it’s a hit! The song is available on iTunes and is shockingly catchy and easy to dance to.

The running thread between our year of creativity and this video is that it just took a little creativity to make something really cool and there are very few barriers to that as long as you’re willing to put in the work. So enjoy the video and then go out and work on that thing you’ve been meaning to do. It’s time.

See you next time.

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November 7, 2014 · 11:01 am

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