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Yesterday was Easter and I ate way too much. Rene and I had two family feasts to attend and we really out did ourselves. Rene’s family is from New Orleans and they definitely know how to cook down there. I really enjoy her mom’s gumbo and various other foods. Yesterday included ham, baked macaroni (macaroni and cheese, but with the long macaroni noodles), baked beans, and salad. Then there were the deserts which included, but were not limited to, cheese cake, bread pudding and whiskey sauce, and other cakes and things that I don’t remember because I stuffed myself so full I couldn’t even look at food without feeling a little sick. I got so full I had to take a nap! That never happens to me!

Then we went to my parents house.

The spread there was equally large with plenty of appetizery things and sandwiches and apple crisp and chips and pretzels…

I’m full just thinking about it.

The food coma was amazing and today I’m still feeling the effects, so much so that I’m worried I might be getting sick.

So, I’m going to cast off now and get some more stuff done before calling it an early night.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Foooooooooood……. it was a LOT of food! Very good food, but a lot of food still the same. I really need to learn a little self control on these “double feast” holidays. Seriously. Maybe on Thanksgiving. Ha! Who am I kidding?

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