Doctor Who – I Knew It!

This is not to claim that I knew where the story was headed, I didn’t even with my spoiler knowledge of what’s on the way for the 50th anniversary. What I did know was that they would not reveal the doctor’s name.

Of course they won’t! 
I’ve seen so many Whovians freaking out about this and the whole time all I could think was, “Moffat you did it. It worked. You got everyone so worked up everyone is talking about it. Good job.”
And, really, it was a genius move to title an episode “The Name of The Doctor.” Even just using the title! Even now, I just did a search to confirm the episode title and there are STILL loads of articles being written about it. Really, go look!
I really enjoyed the episode, but I’m bummed that it looks like the bad guys won’t be back. I think they had a lot of potential. 
This is just a rant post, no deeper meaning or life lessons learned, with the exception of the lesson that smart marketing that triggers both positive and negative responses has its place and needs to be used appropriately and especially when you have a large event to promote. 
See you next time.

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