December: I may not have been writing, but I was active!

Hey y’all, it’s December 26th and I have been a poor blogger, but I’m not going to waste space complaining about that.  Instead I’m going to wax on about other stuff. 

For example December was SHOCKINGLY BUSY!!!  I can be counted on to be a bit of an exaggerator, it’s a specialty of mine, but I was truly caught off guard by how much activity December tried to contain, and the holidays did nothing to slow it down!  I did a play this month, a Christmas show titled “Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart, But The Very Next Day You Said You Were Gay” for Theater Out in Santa Ana, CA.  I played the only straight guy in the show.  It has been a Christmas tradition for Theatre Out for three years and the show is really funny and a lot of fun!  With any luck it will run again next year!

Business-wise there’s been a lot going on – the hunt for film funding never ends and there have been a lot of in roads made… that I can’t actually talk about until they are finalized.  It’s a bit like the space program, for every successful launch there have to be 100 failures.  The good news is we’re running out of ways to fail, 2010 is looking good.

The holidays, including both Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful – quick but wonderful.  Christmas in particular had the same feel to it that the Christmases of the past used to have.  I was a very giddy adult this year and it has set me up really well for the new year.

Now I’m going to go eat and then Rene and I have some stuff to shoot – YouTube stardom here we come!

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  1. YouTube?! Yea! Welcome to the fold!

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