Day 22 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen 2.0 Damn Monday!

Rene and I had a wonderfully relaxing, rejuvenating, and pleasant weekend. We slept in, walked the city, had some local drinks and read – oh lord how we read. I read so much that I accomplished goal number 1!

I have completed Born for This by Chris Guillebeau.

Achievement unlocked – and with seven days to spare. I had intended to do a video about my conclusions and talk about them here today. I also wanted to set the next career goal…

But then Monday happened.

Holy shit, today was non-stop from 6am to 6pm it was just go, full steam ahead. If I hadn’t gotten the rest I got this weekend I think I might have died.


Also, I would like to say that my interactions with people over the age of 50 today did not help the stereotype that Baby Boomers do not know how to use technology. If anything I’m pretty sure that there is a breed of older person that probably should not go near a smart phone for fear that it might spontaneously explode in their hand from lack of understanding.

It was a rough day. A busy day. And I have a filming in the morning so I need to work on that stuff.

However, I have high hopes about getting more done tomorrow.

Don’t forget, my Portland Acting Intensive is Saturday:

April 28th

Location: Actors In Action Studio, 323 NE Wygant St. #203. Portland, OR 97211

This class will focus on “finding your base,” script analysis, and making strong choices. This class is appropriate for actors of all levels.

Email Curtis now for a discounted rate of $75 for AIA talent, $95 for all others

Class size is limited so sign up soon to guarantee your spot!

Here’s the playlist for April:

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