Day 12 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen 2.0 I’m Making Playlists

What do you do when you’re waiting on things beyond your control and you’ve completed the goals that you’ve set for yourself at the moment?

I don’t know what you do, it’s a really specific instance, and it’s one of those times that comes up occasionally when you don’t really have time to start something new and there’s not really anything else to take up the odd time you have. (This is a run-on sentence. #SelfChastising)

I make playlists on Spotify.

Yesterday I made lists about moving, today it’s playlists. It’s like making a mixtape on steroids since I have access to nearly every song in existence (that has acquiesced to the licensing and royalty deal offered by Spotify). I like to listen to music while I write, and I’ve been doing a lot of that, so I’ve wanted a variety of playlists to match the mood I want to create. Since there are geopolitical politics involved in the toy stuff (in a kid-friendly way[?]) I’ve been making a Political playlist and it’s getting me all riled up.

Halfway through I realized that it doesn’t get much more “privileged” than making a playlist about the things that you’re upset about versus actually doing something about it.

Unfortunately I’ll have to worry about that later, I have run out of the extra time I had.

Here’s the playlist for April:

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