A Really Good Example of Actual Journalism

Read this article! It’s long. It requires actual thought. It is fair and balanced. It is a rare example of actual journalism and it just so happens to be about a subject that is near and dear to both Rene and myself, Pit Bull Breed Specific Legislation.

Like I said, it’s long, seven pages long, but if you push through it is rewarding on many levels. I remember when reporting was actually supposed to sound like this. I read this and then I watch the news or read the paper and I’m reminded of what “spin” has done to journalism are right now and it makes me mad. I demand better. I want everyone to demand better!

And it’s about Breed Specific Legislation which is going to be a very decisive issue in the upcoming California Governor’s race since the Democratic front runner, Gavin Newsom, is pro-gay rights (win) but also wants to ban my dog (BIG FAIL!!). Some of you may feel like this is silly or irrelevant, but both issues are as serious as cancer to me and I’m sure I’ll talk about it here to start some discussions. And here’s Frankie’s old MySpace page.

Looking forward to the debate. Read the article.

See you tomorrow!

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