A New Computer

Oh the joys of technology! On September 6, 2009 I shut down my old computer and prepared to move into the new tower as provided by my friend Scott. Scott is a computer genius. He has built, and bent to his will, machines that could control the Earth if he really wanted them too. If it weren’t for the fact that he clicks “No” every morning on his computer at home the machines would over-run the Earth killing all of humanity and then crowning him king.

This machine tried to make a mockery of his powers.

I’m using Scott’s scraps. This is far from a bad thing, Scott’s scraps, as confirmed by other computer folks, are REALLY nice. The trouble was that we just couldn’t seem to make it work.

It took almost a week to solve the problem. That fact that it took so long makes me want to sacrifice the dragging out cadence that I had intended for this paragraph because I am done with that “dragging on” feeling, so to make a long story short – we were missing a plug. The whole plug was missing! There was a perfectly good reason for the plug being gone but not for why three grown and intelligent men didn’t realize it until after tearing the whole thing apart and then drinking a few 7&7’s.

I like to thank the 7&7’s and Dean’s ability to divine a schematic.

Finally my computer is back up and happy! It’s got a fresh start, although a few of my programs still need to be loaded, and everything is working so well!

The last computer that Scott built for me lasted for eight years! I hope this one can pull that off too!

See you tomorrow!


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4 Responses to A New Computer

  1. Happy Re-furb Computer Day to you!

  2. oh technology. why dost thou vex me so with thine retail tentacles?

  3. Maureen Davidson

    Curtis, I like your blogs. I’m interested in what you do. I’m sorry you had to go through all that just to get your computer running but I’m glad it’s up and running. Please continue sending me updates on your life. Thanks, Maureen Davidson, your fan.

  4. So jealous…I’m still plugging away on an old desktop till my new laptop arrives.

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