52 in 52 Is Nigh!

Next week starts my 52 short stories in 52 weeks and I feel a bit unprepared. I’ve been excited about being “creative” since I made the decision to do this, even filling up pages of ideas in anticipation, but now that the time is drawing near I’m starting to feel like I’m about to run a marathon without training first.

In my head I see this as a self imposed “focus and discipline” intensive. Forcing myself to take the time to do at least a little bit of work on each story for seven days at a time. But now I’m wondering if there shouldn’t be some kind of structure that I’m prepared for to make the process easier?
So what follows is my stream of consciousness rambling about whether or not to structure…

I’m guess that there’s a a certain amount of discipline that goes along with deciding to do this project. In my head I’m seeing Sunday as an idea/outlining day. Monday is when you refine the outline. Tuesday /Wednesday rough drafts and then refine e drafts on Friday and Saturday. That would make sense. That would be structure. But I’ve never worked well under that kind of structure. Sometimes the ideas roll off my brain better just being blurted out and then refined later. I don’t think that the structure is really what the challenge is about so much as the discipline. Making sure that the writing actually happens. The writer writes and as long as there is writing then the job is being done.

This suddenly feels like a very first world problem.

Maybe my biggest decision will be to hand write or type…?

Sunday is only a few days away!

See you next time.

Also, here are some books that may help if you are trying something like this:

The War of Art is one of my favorite books about getting creative things done. It will light a fire under your ass!

This is one I haven’t read myself – but I’ve heard good things.
Writing a screenplay? Check this one out.

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