Project 365 8-27-2010 Hollywood & Hobbits.

*NOTE: I know these are SUPER late!  Rene & I moved & it took forever for us to get internet up & running.  So between here and 9-13-2010 these entries are going to be brief.*
I had a very busy day today.  I ran up to L.A. to meet with some of my networking friends and then ran back down to O.C. to see “The Hobbit” playing at The Maverick Theater.  The play is excellent, see it while you can, and the meeting was fun, Happy Hour with gourmet appetizers!  I was wrestling with which picture to use for today and originally I was going to post this one:
It’s the really cool laptop case that one of my associates brought to Happy Hour, but I decided on this instead from the bathroom of an Anaheim El Pollo Loco:
Why that one?  Because it’s stupid and sometimes we all benefit from being reminded that stupid people do stupid things on the walls of public places.  I would like to make special mention of the misspelling of “faget.”
See you tomorrow!

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