Project 365 4-10-2010

What do a one year old’s birthday party, teaching and a desperate attempt to catch up all have in common?


Rene and I have been running ourselves ragged trying to make everything we scheduled for ourselves this weekend happen.  I can only blame myself, I did not pay attention to how much I was planning and ignored adding all of the events to my calendar so everything I agreed to looked like it was possible.  So far it has been… kinda’.  There are a few phone calls to make, but I don’t really have all the information yet (Still waiting on that.  Grrr!) so I don’t feel too bad about that.

The one thing that did get done tonight was the decorating for Rene’s best friend, Karen’s, son’s first birthday party.  There are a lot of apostrophes in there, did that sentence get written correctly?

In fact today’s picture is of me with some balloons and streamers that Rene and I put up:

Now I’m ready to sleep.

See you tomorrow!

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