Today was the last of over a week of VERY busy days. So busy that I literally woke up tired and couldn’t see straight. I’ve heard of that happening, but this is the first time I’ve ever really felt it, even though I think I’ve claimed to have before. Beginning this weekend is another firestorm of business! We pick March Madness teams for Shmimprov Friday night, Scott and Liz get married Saturday, tech rehearsals for Lebensraum begin Sunday (which is also Rene & my 2nd anniversary), my birthday is Monday and then I’m not sure what else is gettin’ crammed in there, but there’s a bit. If it weren’t for my Blackberry and Google Calendar I’d have no idea what’s going on!

Of course there are a few things in there that I can’t talk about yet, but those are pretty exciting too! I look forward to being able to talk about those! Should be soon!

See you tomorrow!

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