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I take inspiration from a lot of things. Back in my teens & early 20's it mostly sprang from the music I liked.

I was iPoding, that's a verb now, & the shuffle came up on a song that I used to love & now I'm a bit embarrassed to listen to. I won't even name it here because it will invite the ire of people who know me too well, but I remember how it used to really drive me. It made me go back & listen to other songs from the late 90's that, at the time, seemed to sooooo describe my life at the time & now they sound, well let's just say that if that's what my life was then it's no wonder I was drinking all the time.

So now I've been looking at what currently inspires me just to make sure I'm not going to embarrass myself later & it has shown me that inspiration, regardless of how embarrassing it may be, is a really personal thing & doesn't need to make any sense. For example I was totally inspired today by a homeless man who was really grateful that I gave him my left over garlic bread. It might not seem like something to get inspired by, but it totally did the job.

So, to bring this blog to a point, & a close, I want to send my hope to all of you that you find inspiration anywhere you are. It's there if you're open to it & it's worth taking the time to find it.

See you tomorrow!

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