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Fun Video Friday! A Clockwork Orange 8-Bit Theater

For those of us in our thirties, the Nintendo Entertainment System burned images into our head that equaled fun and happiness. The 8-bit games sprites were shaped just well enough to figure out what they were, but never super specific. It was like impressionistic painting study on an interactive platform. Today’s video is from the animators at Cinefix and it is the 8-bit “game” of one of my favorite movies “A Clockwork Orange.”


See you next time!

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Project 365 3-7-2010

Sunday. Oscar day. The Super Bowl of the entertainment world.  Prom night for celebrities.  A  big pat on the back for a job well done in the movie biz.

It is also amazingly political, can be childish, and reminds me an awful lot of high school.  Tonight winners will be announced, a dance number or two will be danced and six or seven people’s price quotes will raise dramatically.  If I sound cynical I don’t mean to, at least not entirely.  There are things about this business that can leave you jaded pretty quick and when you start to know too much about what is in the “hotdog” it becomes less appetizing.  That being said, if I were nominated for an Oscar I’d be all smiles on the red carpet gushing my little heart out and happy as a clam!  It’s a part of my personal hypocrisy.

In order to avoid sounding too much like an ass I’m turning to the pic of the day:

This is how I found Frankie sleeping this morning.  That’s my boy.

See you tomorrow!

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Project 365 2-24-2010

My days are pretty boring right now, lots of typing and lots of phone calls, but yesterday Rene and I were able to take in another one of the Oscar contenders, An Education.  I really enjoyed this movie.  The build-up of this young girl as she falls for an older man was amazing!  I had a sense of dread as each moment occurred just waiting for the rug to get pulled out…

…but when that rug was pulled out I felt like the “fall” really wasn’t that far and that the story got wrapped up really fast.  The best part of this film for me were the performances.  Carey Mulligan plays savvy/naive very well.  Alfred Molina is great!  Cara Seymour, plays her mother, was wonderful!  There is a great team dynamic between the characters Helen and Danny.  I recommend seeing it.

But at the end of the day, when all was said and done, I stayed at my parent’s house last night and when I got there I found Pete all wrapped up in his blanky, and that’s today’s picture:

See you tomorrow!

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