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Day 19 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen 2.0 I’m Teaching an Acting Intensive!

In addition to all the other career work I’m doing, I’m going o start doing some acting classes up here in the ol’ PNW!

The first one is an acting intensive on Saturday April 28th from Noon-4pm. Here’s the blurb:

Acting Intensive with Award winning actor, producer and coach Curtis Andersen

April 28th


Location: Actors In Action Studio, 323 NE Wygant St. #203. Portland, OR 97211

Curtis Andersen began his professional acting career in 1985 at the age of eight. In the early years he was cast primarily in commercials and for voice-over work with his most prominent role being the voice of Schroeder from the Peanuts series for Met Life commercials, cartoons and a live stage show. As he grew so did his resume. Curtis has guest starred on shows like “Party of Five,” “3rd Rock From the Sun,” “That 70’s Show,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” “Veronica Mars,” and “The Gilmore Girls.” He has recurred on “Saved by the Bell :The New Class,” “7th Heaven,” and played Gordie on “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.”

In addition to his television work, Curtis has also been seen in the films “The Rules of Attraction,” “Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen’s Winning London,” and the Oscar award winning “Pearl Harbor” among others.

After over 30 years in the entertainment industry, Curtis Andersen has learned a thing or two and has been trusted to impart that knowledge to those either interested in entering or continuing a career in the entertainment industry. He has been the Head of Faculty for the Kids Acting School in Southern California, founding partner at the award winning Studio 105 in Long Beach, California and Director of Curriculum for the world famous McCoy Rigby Conservatory of the Arts.

This class will focus on “finding your base,” script analysis, and making strong choices. This class is appropriate for actors of all levels.

Email Curtis now for a discounted rate of $75 for AIA talent, $95 for all others

Class size is limited so sign up soon to guarantee your spot!

Here’s the playlist for April:

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Day 18 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen 2.0 I’m Not Reading My Book Quickly Enough

We have moved.

I marked a “win” with the gig next week.

I’m producing YouTube videos with some frequency (although that could be more frequent).

Here’s what’s not happened, though: I have not gotten very far into reading my book, Born for This, at all. One could say that I have not actually made any progress whatsoever in the last 2 weeks and that would be accurate.

Technically I still have 10 days to complete this book and hit my goal. It is times like this that I’m very glad that I gave myself a very generous timeline.

I don’t know that I’ll actually make any progress tonight, either, as there is still house to set-up, food to cook, and laundry to do.

Maybe I just make some chili…

Here’s the playlist for April:

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Day 17 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen 2.0 Another Look at Imposter Syndrome

I’ve been getting some pretty great responses from this 2.0 project. It is very exciting to have all of this support. Thank you all very much for that. I’m not doing it for the attention, but I will not deny that the attention is really nice. I have also been getting some private messages from people who don’t feel like they can do these kinds of things.

First: In general, yes you can.

You may not succeed – that’s just a cold reality – but there is no reason you shouldn’t do things.

I don’t want to condescend with a pithy, over simplified comment about hard work and following your dreams. That does not serve anyone.

Assuming some baselines:

  • That you have some general talent in the thing you want to pursue.
  • That you are willing to make the sacrifices required to pursue that goal.
  • That you are ready to produce in that field on a regular basis.

Then you are already farther ahead than most people who only dream of doing something.

That being said, I know that it is hard. I’ve been doing this of over 30 years and it’s still hard!  So today I am reposting one of our most popular LIVE Broadcasts. It’s about Imposter Syndrome. It’s a good one, we cover a lot in a hour, I revisited it myself recently and it was good to be reminded that anyone trying to pursue anything usually feels the same way you do, we just don’t talk about it openly.

Here’s the playlist for April:

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Day 16 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen 2.0 I got a job!

Well this is a nice way to start the week!

We are still getting the new apartment all set-up (actually Rene is, I have been working more than anything), and so I have not been able to do any real career work. The thing that I always forget about moving is that, while the actual moving part can happen pretty quickly, getting shit settled into its new place can take forever. A lot of my stuff is pretty simple:

  • Desk in corner.
  • Bed in bedroom.
  • TV near the wall plug.
  • Nightstand next to bed.
  • Etc., etc., etc.

But then there’s all the other stuff like couches and chairs and bookshelves and books and what clothes go in what closet and how do I fit the shoe rack there and where do we hang coats? The devil is in the details and that’s how I exect to spend the next week or so.

So imagine my surprise when my PNW agent called checking my availability?

Me: I am available. What’s it for?

Agent: An industrial. Do you still have the beard?

Me: Yes, but I’m willing to shave.

Agent: Can you do an English accent?

Me: Yes, several believable dialects and a couple that are more appropriate for Monty Python.

Agent: Great, I’ll call you back.

A little bit later – BANG! – booked! A no audition offer for a small industrial up here! Woo hoo!

I cannot share any specific details, but the important thing is that I am officially a working actor again. That’s the goal.

Now I just need to book more! winky smiley face

And here’s a new video for today:

Here’s the playlist for April:

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Day 15 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen 2.0 – We Moved!

It happened! We are in our new place and we are exhausted. I CRUSHED the Weekend Warrior Challenge on FitBit this weekend with all the lifting and walking and running around. We got out of the old apartment, (almost) set-up the new apartment, and cleaned the crap out of the old apartment (well Rene did, but I helped) all in about 48 hours.

My whole body is sore.

I’m not 20 anymore.

Soreness aside, we are very happy to be in our new space and getting back to  THE MISSION!

My acting class will be April 28th and it looks like we may have a few spots left open. If that is true I’ll be posting it to fill the rest of the space.

We paid our Portland Art Tax today! It is a tax specifically to pay for art and music education in grades K-5. I like these specific taxes, I like knowing exactly where my money is going. I kinda’ wish we could do that for all taxes.

To be clear I know that technically I can read the omnibus spending bill and see where funds are dedicated, but I hope you can interpret my intention.

Now Rene and I need to get back to setting up the new apartment. IT HAS NEW AREAS FOR ME TO SHOOT VIDEOS!!!!!!

Here’s the playlist for April:

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Day 12 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen 2.0 I’m Making Playlists

What do you do when you’re waiting on things beyond your control and you’ve completed the goals that you’ve set for yourself at the moment?

I don’t know what you do, it’s a really specific instance, and it’s one of those times that comes up occasionally when you don’t really have time to start something new and there’s not really anything else to take up the odd time you have. (This is a run-on sentence. #SelfChastising)

I make playlists on Spotify.

Yesterday I made lists about moving, today it’s playlists. It’s like making a mixtape on steroids since I have access to nearly every song in existence (that has acquiesced to the licensing and royalty deal offered by Spotify). I like to listen to music while I write, and I’ve been doing a lot of that, so I’ve wanted a variety of playlists to match the mood I want to create. Since there are geopolitical politics involved in the toy stuff (in a kid-friendly way[?]) I’ve been making a Political playlist and it’s getting me all riled up.

Halfway through I realized that it doesn’t get much more “privileged” than making a playlist about the things that you’re upset about versus actually doing something about it.

Unfortunately I’ll have to worry about that later, I have run out of the extra time I had.

Here’s the playlist for April:

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Day 11 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen 2.0 – One Thing At A Time

This task of rebuilding an entertainment career is not a small one. It requires focus, patience and persistence. Add a full time job, a freelance job, normal “life stuff” and now a move… it can all be a little overwhelming.

In these situations it’s easy to let it all get to you and freeze up! But that’s really not an option. So in order to avoid panic one must take things a step at a time. That is me right now through at least the next week (and probably a little longer as well).

No major progress has been made on my book reading or in securing entertainment work, but I have been getting all of the tasks complete for the move including changing our address in the most mission critical places, moving over the appropriate accounts, and prepping items for the actual move. So at least there’s that.

Oh, and I made a video:

Here’s the playlist for April:

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Day 9 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen 2.0 – I need to go to the gym Part 2.

I got so distracted yesterday trying to get things done that I kept starting and stopping the blog post and I completely lost track and steam on what I really wanted to talk about. Again, this is the warts-and-all experience that this blog is going to be, especially since I’m pretty determined to post something every day. So, yes, I am tired (although I’m getting more sleep which is nice) but I really wanted to talk about going to the gym!

Yesterday I bemoaned the lack of energy and brain fatigue and one of the things that can combat that for me is working out! I don’t even have to do that much to make it work, thirty minutes on the elliptical and I feel super charged. Lots of endorphins. Even better if I can get on a couple weight machines! Endorphins AND rippling dad-bod muscles.

Am I going to start that tonight?


Tonight I go play D&D.

But soon!

Here’s the playlist for April:

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Day 8 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen – I Need To Hit The Gym.

Mondays are a double edged sword. On the positive side of the blade is the fact that it is officially the start of the work week and progress can be made with the people and businesses that have normal business hours. The downside is that it also means I have all the obligations that go along with my “normal business hours.” I do realize that I need to check my privilege because I do have the benefit of two jobs that allow me to work remote and allow me the flexibility to follow the path of O:TVCA2.0 in the first place. That is not lost on me and I hope that the reference to obligations do not come off as a complaint. My complaints are not with the jobs, only with the lack of hours in the day and with the limits of the human body that require mental and physical rest. But working the survival jobs while trying to make progress in your creative life is a huge consideration for anyone trying to make a living in entertainment. It’s so common we did a live discussion about it a few months ago:

As I mentioned, there’s a mental and physical toll. I’m tired. I’ve struggled just to get this post out. I’m not even sure that I’ve made my point.

Or if I had one.

No, I did.

Mondays are exhausting.

I should go to bed.

We’ll get back on it tomorrow.

Here’s the playlist for April:

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Day 7 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen 2.0 – It’s Sunday

I’m actually really busy today playing catch-up and getting my self-taped prepped. We’re also seeing the new Cirque de Soleil show, Crystal, tonight. So this post is very nearly just an excuse to serve up advertisements and Amazon bounties. Click on those if they are showing things that you might like. Also we’ll be updating the Patreon now that we are making so direction changes since Frankie’s passing. You can find that HERE.

And part of me was fine with a bullshit “at least I posted today” post until we actually saw Crystal. It was REALLY impressive! We also saw it at a very appropriate time. The show story follows a girl named Crystal (hence the title of the show) who is a dreamer, one who is out of place at home, school and society in general. She doesn’t do things the way that she is expected to. I don’t want to ruin the journey of the story but, SPOILERS, she chooses to keep on regardless of how hard things are because that’s who she is. This is a very familiar story to many people who end up in the arts (myself included) and as I’m getting started on this renewed journey seeing an incredible show with this theming was a nice booster shot.

For what it’s worth, Crystal is a really great Cirque du Soleil show. If you get a chance I highly recommend it. It’s all the things you are used to from a Cirque show, but on ice. It’s very impressive.

Now I need to get ready for bed so I can be ready for Monday.

Here’s the playlist for April:

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